I think I’ve come a long way since moving to the UK five years ago. Both in terms of physical geography, and attitude that is. The first time I saw a protest in the UK my first questions were “What are those people doing? Where are the police? Don’t they get arrested for doing that? ” (Thank-you China) 

At 4am this morning, stomach in knots, I googled “London protest trump victory”. I packed my camera and because there was no chance in hell I could get back to sleep, headed off to the gym and proceeded to Spin my way through how anxious this was making me. BBC breaking comes through in our cool down. Cue the tears. 

Today I have been repeatedly asked “What is protesting going to do?  You can’t change the result so respect democracy”. They’re missing the point. Everyone who knows me knows I am opinionated and I’m not afraid of voicing that; especially for an underdog. As Hilary so eloquently put it, “please never stop believing that fighting for what is right is worth it”. 

Today, and forever more, I am three things that Trump actively and passionately hates. 

I am a woman. 

I am a Latina. 

I am an immigrant. 

That, for me, is more than enough reason to stand up to the farce that will be Trump’s presidency. After losing hope in humanity today, it’s nice to see other people stood outside fighting for what we believe in. It restores some faith in humanity that I have lost this year. 

Americans spoke. British people spoke. Gay. Lesbian. Black. White. Disabled. Old. Young. Student and working. Anyone of any background, race or orientation was there. 

I regret giving a member of the EDL any attention but it is truly fascinating to see someone with so much hate in their heart, really believe the shite that they are spewing. Claims that ‘White Lives Matter’ that refugees aren’t welcome because “they rape our children” and that “there are no children in Calais”. It was all very hard to take seriously as he wore a shirt which said “No More Mosques” and ended each sentence with “yuh innit”. 

The fact that we even need a hashtag showing that ANY lives matter is all that is wrong with this world. This man should not stand for White Lives Matter, but instead he should be grateful that we have never needed a movement for this purpose. 

It all kicks off. “Nazi scum” the crowd screams. 

Eventually this man was led away by the police. We were chuffed that there was only 3 of them. And hundreds of us. 

The whole world has taken so many steps back this year. First Brexit, now this. We have a dangerous combination in the Western world at the moment. Trump, Putin, May, Farage and Le Pen. WWIII anyone? 

Here’s to shattering the highest and hardest glass ceiling sooner rather than later. 


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