23 years young

Meet-Up. A website that brings together like minded individuals with a passion for outdoor hobbies. For my 23rd birthday, I headed to the Lake District with 24 other people who I had never met before. I got out of the city, made new friends and started a new year of my twenties in the most beautiful place possible. Below are some of my favourite pictures I took over the Bank Holiday. All photos taken with my Nikon D5300.


Easy to forget.





Fairfield Horseshoe. After lashing it down with rain and wind when we reached the top, we finally had some sunshine on our descent. Breathtaking.


50 Shades of Green


Lunch date.


On Sunday, we were luckier with slightly bluer skies, and no rain. We split the original group in to two and eight of us headed to Hellvelyn and Stirling Edge, lead by Diana and Andres.


X marks the spot of the actual path we were supposed to take. After a slight detour at the beginning which saw us go off path and scale the side of a mountain.


On our way up, I found home in the Lake District. A little lake in the shape of China.


The Day 2 Crew (new team name pending) at the top of Hellvelyn.


The views from Hellvelyn.


The Great Wall of the Lake District


These crazy kids on our way down from Hellvelyn.


Not deep enough to take a swim, but it was enough to test the temperature.




At the pub we headed to after our hike, we stumbled upon a wedding. The bride looked even more beautiful stood near 8 tired and sweaty hikers.


On Monday, we headed around the lake for a stroll. Took it easy after two 30,000 step days.


A bit different to the looking up in central London.


The weather was obviously the best on our last and shortest day.



The group too stubborn to take an easy route back to the hostel. With Andres at the front we followed him up and over the mountain back to our cars and inevitably back to London. This time we didn’t have to vertically scale the side of a mountain.


Proof that we hadn’t got lost this time.

Thanks to Som, the whole group, and especially to the Day 2 Crew for a fantastic birthday, new friends and a top weekend. See you all soon.

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